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About Us........

Pet Cremation of N.C., opened in 2008 and operates it's own crematory to better serve your area.

Back in 2004 my beloved Doberman, which I had raised since birth, passed away. She was beautiful, kind, sweet, and I loved her just as if she was my child! I wanted to have her cremated. However, I found out that I would have to have her sent off and it could take many days or weeks for her to be returned to me.

The day will come for us all, both humans and our pets, and even though death is a most heartbreaking time, I am certain that heaven has an open door for us all, and our beloved pets too!

The day my beloved Doberman passed on was one of the hardest times of my life. I brought her home to a place she so loved and I buried her in the yard, where she had walked and played many times before. I placed a candle on her grave that night. The next day I placed a granite stone with her engraved picture and a light that has always lighted her grave. Every morning I still look out and always say "Good Morning, Pluto", and at night I always tell her "Goodnight". Pluto lives within my heart, and there will come a time that I will surely see her again.

If your beloved pet passes away, it will surely be a time of heartbreak and sorrow and I want you to be assured, that if you choose cremation for your pet, I will treat your pet with the same compassion and dignity that I treated my beloved Pluto. (1992-2004)

Pet Cremation of NC

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